Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review: Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Hair Mask

Watsons is holding sales during this GSS period, so today I bought Kao Essential Damage Care Hair Pack, Nuance Airy version (Pink) at a 10% discount (Promo Price $8.90; UP $9.90).

This hair mask is really good. It works instantly! It's perfect for last minute hair rescue!

Within only 5 minutes (of leave-in), it instantly makes my limp and flat hair light and bouncy, and my badly intertwined hair ends are entangled! It smoothens my hair, so when I brush through, my hair easily falls into place, with minimum hair fall. The next morning, my hair remain soft and easily falls in place with no entanglement, esp. at the ends.

There's the other orange version in this hair mask range, which is Rich Premier, that makes untameable hair smooth and manageable.

(photo credit: KAO Singapore)

I suggest those who have really serious hair damage/dry problem to alternate both variants. You can get the right "feel" you desire on different days/occasions.

Essential by KAO is a hair care range that focused on damage care.

It is formulated with high purity honey and milk protein to deeply repair and strengthen damaged hair, and ultra shine essence to give long-lasting shine.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Get 1 FREE Can (Worth $65) of Meiji Amino Collagen and 1 Bottle of Collagen Drink

Meiji Singapore is holding a 10th Anniversary Special event to celebrate its best selling amino collagen product

Singaporean consumers can exchange any of their used or existing collagen product of any brand (except Meiji) for a can of 200g Meiji Amino Collagen (worth S65) and a bottle of Meiji Amino Collagen Drink.

It will be a three day event from 6 to 8 July 2012. Redemption is from 10am to 9pm for three days at Takashimaya B2 @ Fountain Area.

Those interested must arrive early as there're limited stocks.

(photo credit: Meiji Singapore FB)

Meiji amino collagen powder is made from fish collagen peptides and contains about 27 kcal per spoon (which is included with the can).

When you turn 20, your body produces less and less collagen as the time goes by and that's one of the main reasons you get wrinkles and atonic skin, so Meiji claims that their powder can help your body keeps its high level of collagen, as one spoon contains 5000 mg of protein.

You may mix this with juice or lactose-free milk for better taste.

It's recommended to drink this before bedtime.

Source: Meiji Singapore FB